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Reclaiming Disk Space After a Database Process Purge

So you’ve just completed a database cleanup of old long-lived process instances using the process purge utility and you expect that you’re going to get an immediate performance increase. Well, why not… you just removed 90% of the rows in … Continue reading

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Configuring LiveCycle JDBC Data Sources in WebLogic for DB Failover

For IBM WebSphere, see here. LiveCycle ES2’s Configuration Manager (LCM) provides you two options for configuring JDBC data sources in WebLogic: 1) Package it inside the EAR files (more secure) 2) Create it in the WebLogic Admin Console Choice #2 … Continue reading

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Database script to abstract LiveCyle random table name when creating custom BAM objects

The other day I had to convert a LiveCycle 8.2 BAM demo that was created by one of our partners to LiveCycle ES2 SP2. Unfortunately I ran into few issues because the underlying LiveCyle database structure has changed slightly which … Continue reading

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LiveCycle for the SQL Server 2005 DBA

Discussion about configuring Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 for LiveCycle ES and ES2 Continue reading

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