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Workspace Common Variables

Would you like your Workspace users to be able to see all process instances or tasks related to a particular customer name that they participated in? Would you like to refine the number of items displayed in your To Do … Continue reading

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Stopping Duplicate Attachments in Workspace

When using the attachments feature on the User service, you may have encountered a situation where attachments are being duplicated at each step of the process. This will happen whether you reference the “list of document” variable itself or the … Continue reading

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Using Global Settings for the Email Services

 There are three email services available in Workbench which can use Global email settings:  Send With Document, Send With Map of Attachments, and Receive. If you connect to the same email server when you use these services, you can choose … Continue reading

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Configuring Email for Process Management in LiveCycle ES2

LiveCycle Process Management handles the sending and receiving of emails in the following way: A)     Sending Email To Workspace Users For LiveCycle to send email to Workspace users or groups, the administrator needs to specify smtp settings in the server … Continue reading

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