LiveCycle ES2

Yep. Lots of hype around the upcoming launch of LiveCycle ES2.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great product. Something that will allow you to throw around lots of action-oriented verbs concerning your documents. Verbs like building, empowering, collaborating, interacting. And you can do it all “in the cloud”. Which might sound rather vague or nebulous, but is really quite, uh, empowering.

Great stuff.  But my goal in this blog is not to paint pretty pictures of LiveCycle ES2. You can go here for an overview of the product if you like. What I want to do is provide specific samples of how to build LiveCycle ES2 applications. How to use Designer to aggregate validations into a submit button (without writing any script!). Or how to dynamically assemble documents from a bunch of XDP fragments. That kind of stuff. Coming up soon…

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