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Data pre-population on initiating a process

Designing a process that pre-populates a form when the process is started is way simpler in ES2. This work is done in a separate process called a “prepare data process” and is managed by an “action profile”. In the next couple of posts I plan to use the LeaveRequest application as an example of new features in ES2 such as this.

If you right-click on the form in the LeaveRequest application, you’ll see the menu item: “Manage Action Profiles…”


In the Manage Action Profiles dialog, you can select an existing prepare data process or create a new one. If you create a new process, Workbench will create the process variables for you.


The prepare data process includes 2 variables: a taskContext input variable and an xml output variable. The output variable needs to be populated with the data that you want to show up when the main process is inititiated. In the provided example, take a look at the PersonalLeaveFormPrepareData process. The employee name is determined from the taskContext and assigned to a node in the xml. In addition, a couple of LDAP queries are made to gather further employee data, including the manager’s name. This data is also assigned to the xml output variable and will be used to pre-populate the form.


That simple! You’ll need to adjust the LDAP queries in order to have it work in your environment. Next up, I’ll explain the simple approval workflow in the main process of this example.