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A simple approval process

Designing an approval process is vastly simplified in Workbench ES2. The ES User service has been deprecated and replaced with single/multi-user versions — specifically the Assign Task and Assign Multiple Tasks service operations. First I’ll take a look at the Assign Task operation.

The property sheet for Assign Task contains a few new property groups. The asset and action profile to be presented to the user are defined in the Presentation & Data section.


The User Actions section simplifies the configuration of user actions, which options are presented to the end user and what will happen when a specific option is selected.


You can even define a confirmation message to appear when an action is selected.


The Workspace User Interface contains an Approval Container option that enables features within Workspace that allow end users to see the review status and add comments. This is particularly useful with the Multi-user task when documents need to be reviewed by a number of different people.


Be aware that property sheets in Process Designer now contain a Basic/All filter. When Basic is selected (which it is by default), only the most commonly used property groups for that service operation are displayed.


Here again is my sample application that demonstrates pre-population of a form on process initiation as well as this simple approval process: LeaveRequest.lca