Using Java VisualVM to Profile LiveCycle ES2

– Jayan Kandathil

The 1.6 release of the Sun “HotSpot” JDK comes with a built-in profiling tool called Java VisualVM (jvisualvm.exe) You can find it in the /bin folder of the JDK.

You can monitor a JVM hosting LiveCycle remotely. You have to enable remote JMX monitoring first. Instructions are available here.

– Run jvisualvm.exe
– Choose the menu File->Add Remote Host
– In the left navigation pane, highlight the newly added remote host, right-click the mouse and choose ‘Add JMX Connection’
– In the ‘Connection’ field, type in the IP address of the remote host and the JMX port. For example
– Click OK
– In the left navigation pane, dbl-click on the newly added JMX Connection
– Click on the ‘Threads’ tab to see what the JVM threads are doing. You can perform a ‘Thread Dump’ from this tab.
– Click on the ‘Monitor’ tab if you want to perform a heap dump. The heap dump file (.hprof) will be saved on the remote host in the folder designated as

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