Using JRockit Mission Control to Determine CPU Utilization by LiveCycle JVM Thread

– Jayan Kandathil

If you are using Oracle WebLogic using the Oracle JRockit JDK (“Mission Control” or “Real Time“, the only difference is licensing, not technology), you can use “JRockit Mission Control” (JRMC) to determine which LiveCycle JVM thread is using up CPU cycles.

Download JRockit Mission Control from OTN (Oracle Technology Network) and install it locally on the same server as WebLogic. Make sure you are properly licensed to use these tools.

1) Run jrmc.exe from the bin folder.
2) In the left navigation pane, dbl-click the WebLogic instance (automatically discovered) under the ‘Local’ node
3) Click the ‘Runtime’ button
4) Click on the ‘Threads’ tab (at the bottom)
5) Check the ‘CPU Profiling’ checkbox
6) Sort on the ‘Total CPU Usage’ column

Checking the ‘Allocation’ checkbox will cause JRMC to report memory usage by JVM thread.

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