What customers are saying about LiveCycle ES2

– Seth Reilly

Rosetta Stone
Mike Fulkerson
Senior Vice President
“The Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service allowed us to develop an online solution that makes language learning fun. Our development teams were able to add social features such as collaborative games to our Rosetta Stone TOTALe platform, allowing us to create a rich and interactive learning environment.”


Janus Health
Gresham B. Bayne
Vice President, Operations
“Adobe LiveCycle ES2 offers users clearly defined starting points for automating business processes. The intuitive environment of the latest release will shorten a user’s learning curve and simplify developing and deploying critical, new processes.”

“The enhanced Workspace integration in LiveCycle ES2 is terrific. Creating new forms and integrating them into automated processes is faster and easier than ever. We can efficiently update existing processes or rollout new ones as needed.”


Medtronic Jesse Nalezny
eForms Business Analyst
“The enhancements in LiveCycle Workbench ES2 are terrific. Having all forms resources in a single folder will enable developers to quickly create and rollout highly efficient processes. We would be able to automate business processes in half the time because it will be easy to create interactive forms that incorporate process controls and integrate with backend systems.”

“We are very excited about the new integration capabilities between LiveCycle ES2 and the Adobe Flash platform. This is going to enable even better user experiences and improvement in end-user productivity.”

“With enhanced capabilities in Adobe LiveCyle ES2, we will be able to improve our productivity and automate more processes. Creating forms and establishing tracking and routing processes will be faster than ever. The new functionality makes it simpler to build in more controls for end users, such as incorporating warnings if people are about to take the wrong actions on forms. Overall, the experience is enhanced for developers and end users.”


State of Illinois Department of Human Services
John L. Riggs Chief
Bureau of Automation
“Like other government organizations, we face increased demands from constituents and fewer resources to deal with them. It’s imperative that we can easily and efficiently keep automating business processes, so we can do more work without adding staff. The rapid development functionality within Adobe LiveCycle ES2 will enable our department to deploy newly automated processes to meet the changing needs of government staff and citizens.”


Bank Midwest
Josh Laire
Application Development and Integration Manager
“With the new release of Adobe LiveCycle ES2, Adobe is putting a lot of ingenuity into LiveCycle with a focus on front-end processes and productivity for both the developer and business user. Building composite RIAs using Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 is great for business users, since they would have all of the information they care about linked and available in one location.”

“The tighter integration of LiveCycle Workbench ES2 and LiveCycle Forms ES2 enables our developers to cut development time by viewing processes in real-time without uploading forms or toggling between screens. With a streamlined development environment, we can rapidly develop and deploy cost-effective, efficient processes that improve productivity and service.”

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