Document Services Basics

I’ve uploaded a ‘dsBasics’ PDF Portfolio with seven short articles that cover the basics of creating, deploying and invoking document services. This has been covered before but I hope to have brought it “down to earth”. No guff. No extra mind-numbing details. Yet all you need to know both to “get ‘r done” and to understand what you are doing.

All the code is there, including the imports. That’s for a POJO DSC, and for Java and Flex clients. All of the classpaths, both compile time, and run time, are there including how to work out what those classpaths have to be. There are even some utility .bat files thrown in for good measure. How to deploy and undeploy is covered. How to invoke document services both from a Java client and a Flex client is also covered.

There is more to know. These are just the basics but with them you can extend your document services system and access its power from your client apps.

If there is anything in here that is not sufficiently clear or leaves a gap in your understanding of “what’s going on”, please, please comment so that I can address such issues.

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