Building Tablet Applications at MAX 2011!

Adobe MAX is coming soon and I’m very excited to be co-presenting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Lab with Christophe Coenraets this year! The official title is Building an Enterprise App for Android Tablets in 90 Minutes, however we will be targeting Tablet devices in general, not just Android. You will walk away from the lab with a full-fledged Tablet application that works great on iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab (10in), Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and more. It will serve as an excellent reference for all things mobile since we cover a ton of different mobile development features and use various APIs for some added coolness.

Here are some highlights of the application we’ll be building:

  • Specifically target a tablet with a split panel look (list on the left/detail on the right – think mail clients on tablets)
  • Use states to control layout based on things like current device orientation, OS (android, iOS, qnx) and device type (phone/tablet). NOTE: Honestly, this alone is a reason to come to this session. You will see how you can use a states helper class to automatically update states for all of these things (orientation, OS and device type) and simplify the multi-platform development challenge in a big way!
  • Use a SQLite local database for persisting data
  • ESRI map incorporation
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding with Google Geocoding APIs
  • Camera Integration – take a picture and save it to your database
  • GPS Integration
  • Using Gestures
  • Using a BusyIndicator
  • Custom styles and skins
  • Custom components including a popup list implementation (to replace a drop-down)
  • Custom item renderers

And much more!

The spots are going fast so register now! At last check we had only 20 or so left out of 100, so if the above sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?! Our session will be held Wednesday, October 5th from 8:30-10am. Don’t miss out!

See you at MAX :-) !!!


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