Changing application fonts for the ICR solution interface

– Philomena Dolla

This blog post is part of the series on customizing the Adobe Integrated Content Review solution.


The applications shipped as part of the Integrated Content Review (ICR) Solution interface use certain default fonts to display text. You can customize your application and change the default font to suit your requirements. The CampaignPortal Flex application, for example, uses the MyriadPro font.

The default font files for the CampaignPortal project are located at campaign_portalsrcmainflexassetsfonts. The fonts used by the application are defined in the style sheet file, icr.css.

To change the font, create new font files for the project and update the style sheet, icr.css, with the path to these new font files:

    1. In Flash Builder, open the CampaignPortal project in the Package Explorer view.
    2. Copy the font files that you want the application to use.
    3. Navigate to CampaignPortal > src > main > flex > assets > fonts.
    4. Right-click fonts and select Paste to paste the font files to the fonts directory.
    5. Navigate to CampaignPortal > src > main > flex > css > icr.css.
    6. Open the style sheet, icr.css, in the editor.
    7. Update the paths to the font files to point to the new font files.
    8. Rebuild and redeploy the package. See this blog post for more information on building and deploying.

For background information about setting up the ICR development environment, refer to this blog post.

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