Enabling XA Transactions in Oracle 11g for ADEP Interactive Statements

The Adobe Customer Experience solution “Customer Communications – Interactive Statements” (formerly Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator) requires an XA-type JDBC data source. If the RDBMS being used is Oracle 11g, the user that connects to Oracle on behalf of the J2EE appserver JDBC connection pool requires additional “object privileges” to certain SYSTEM tables in Oracle. Essentially, these are as follows:

SELECT object privileges on tables sys.dba_pending_transactions, sys.pending_trans$ and sys.dba_2pc_pending

EXECUTE object privileges on table sys.dbms_xa

The required DDL is available in the ADEP install documentation here.

If this is not done, you will get WARNING messages in your appserver log that looks something like this:
WARN [loggerI18N] [com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.recovery.xarecovery1] Local XARecoveryModule.xaRecovery got XA exception javax.transacti
on.xa.XAException, XAException.XAER_RMERR

See here for SQL Server 2008.

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/ADEP/2011/08/enabling-xa-transactions-in-oracle-11g-for-adep-interactive-statements.html.

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  1. I am with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food with the Government of Alberta and we are implementing a complete solution of all of our content into Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) 11g. What makes us different in the content space, I am finding out, is that we are moving in ALL shared files, not just some, or a particular functional silo, but everything. When staff work in WCC, some of them create Adobe docs (Adobe Pro X and XI) and would like to save them directly into the Oracle WCC, just like they do with MS Office products, but there is no plug-ins for Adobe like there is for Office so docs have to be saved locally and then moved in – kind of an ugly solution. We can do a save-as with webdav, but no folders show up. Do any of existing Adobe plug-ins help with this or can LiveCycle help with it in anyway? Thanks
    – Steve

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