Rebranding the ICR solution interface

– Ashish Gupta 

Integrated Content Review solution interface is a Flex® application, which is the default implementation. You can customize the default Adobe branding across the solution interface.

As an example, let us change the Adobe logo in the top-left corner of the solution interface. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Campaign Portal project in the Package Explorer view, in Flash® Builder®.
  2. Navigate to the desired skin file and open it. To change the logo, navigate to CampaignPortal > src > main > flex > > skins > ApplicationHeaderSkin.mxml.
  3. Make the requisite modifications. To change the logo, replace the existing path with the path to a custom logo image file, at the location shown in the following screenshot.
    Path of ICR logo filePath of ICR logo file
  4. After making the requisite changes, rebuild and redeploy the solution interface. To do so, refer to Setting up your development environment.

Note: The logo must be 107 x 47 pixels or smaller in size. If it is larger, then use the width and height properties, as shown below, to resize it.

Dimensions of ICR logo fileDimensions of ICR logo file


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