Dynamically Rendering PDFs from the LiveCycle Repository

While not as complex a process as Barcoded Forms the process of dynamically rendering PDFs from the LiveCycle Repository is a common process that gets used very often. There may be instances where an application needs a simple static PDF. Perhaps it’s a form that’s not quite ready for online submission. You could store these files on a web server and access them directly but it would be better and easier for future development to store them in the LiveCycle Repository and render them with a call to a REST service that is created when the process is deployed. The path to the document to render is passed into the process via a URL variable and the static PDF or the XDP file converted to PDF is returned to the browser.

For this LiveCycle Hands On the process is very simple. Besides rendering a simple static PDF, it’s also setup to render a simple XDP using LiveCycle Output ES.

Download the LCA here: Render_Form_Demo.lca_.zip

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Complete article at http://www.underprise.com/2011/06/01/dynamically-rendering-pdfs-from-the-livecycle-repository/.