Process ID value comes up as “-1″

- Ameeth Palla, Technical Account Manager @ Adobe

Issue: Recently I worked on an issue for a customer who reported a problem with Process ID value becoming “-1″.

Scenario: Customer had a process where they were naming the output file using a combination of “Process ID + time-stamp”. They reported that the value of the output filename was coming up as “-1+time-stamp” for some files.

Trouble-shooting: Upon reviewing their process, the design was – A long-lived process takes an input from a watched-folder end-point and checks to see if the incoming file is a TIFF, MS Word document or XML data file. If the input was any other format other than XML, then these files would be converted to PDF’s and the output file would be named as “Process-ID+timestamp” and stored in a directory. If the input file was an XML data file then it would be sent to a sub-process and merged with a form-template and flattened and then named as “Process-ID+timestamp” and stored in the same output directory. By running some tests, we could see that the file name would come out as “-1+timestamp” only when the input file was an XML data file.


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