Debugging Livecycle Data Services in Livecycle ES

The other day I was spending some time with a client of mine who ran into an issue with a Flex Remoting endpoint in Livecycle/ADEP

Essentially what happened was that within an object tree supposed to be sent from the Flex application to a Livecycle endpoint contained a lot of unexpected null references. Monitoring the AMF remoting traffic with Charles showed however that the data was serialised fine on the Flex side of things. At the other end of the wire though, something clearly went wrong. Even more confusing was that the serialisation seemed to work fine for non-complex data types which led us to the suspicion that the conversion of ArrayCollections to Java generics was setup incorrectly.

Without elaborating on details of coding and configuration switches that can modify how all that works in depth (hint: IExternalizable and are your friends…), I rather want to explain some other configuration settings that a lot of people wouldn’t be aware of, but that are extremely helpful when you run into a possible serialisation problem.


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