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Security misconceptions – Watermarks, Usage Rights and Rights Management

There is a confusion about what features of Acrobat and PDFs in general offer by way of securing documents. I would like to do a very cursory overview of the items that I have so far seen users consider “security.”
To be clear, by “security” I mean the ability or inability to access the contents of the PDF, thus safeguarding information from entering the wrong hands.

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Flat PDF vs. XFA Form PDFs

A frequent mistake that is made is to assume that, since XFA Forms can be saved as PDFs, they will behave like any other PDF. Truth is: XFA PDFs and flat PDFs are entirely different beasts.

Read about the detailed differences here.

Understanding the LiveCycle GDS – and freeing up disk space

LiveCycle, as an piece of Enterprise software, tends to assume that you may want to keep a quantity of data around for posterity. Long-lived processes can cause a lot of disk space bloat, and whilst this is fine for those who wish to archive lots, this may not be ideal when running a lower-spec server.
In this article, I will point out the main areas where data and disk space use can happen, and how to clean up.

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