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Managing User Access

You must have the Application Administrator role assigned to your LiveCycle ES2 user account in order to develop applications. In this role, you can assign limited access to the application development environment for users who have other roles assigned. You can permit other users to have the following type of access:

  • Read: The user can view the application.
  • Delegate: Although the user is not the Application Administrator, that user can extend read/write permissions to another user.
  • Write: The user can modify the application and save the changes.

Essentially one can classify user permissions under the following two categories:

  1. Role Based Permissions
  2. Resource Level Permissions

Role Based Permissions typically would cover the roles that the user has been assigned via the Role Assignment interface and this supersedes the “Resource Level Permission ” which are assigned via the Manage Access interface as described in the following link.

In order to achieve the above scenario one would need to ensure that the user has not been assigned any such permissions which would otherwise allow the user to perform the Read/Delegate/Write operations on an application.


Read the complete post at https://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2012/07/managing-user-access.html.

Re-build lucene indexes for Content Services

- Abhijit Ghosh, TRT Engineer @ Adobe

Content services uses the filesystem to store Apache Lucene indexes (/lucene-indexes). At times we are faced with the need of re-building indexes hence just wanted to summarize the ways in which the same can be achieved:

1. Include the JVM argument –Dindex.recovery.mode=FULL and restart the server.

2. Stop the server, delete the lucene indexes under the index root directory and restart the server.

3. Change the index directory to a different location during restart so that indexes are re-built again.

Calling custom code implementation during LiveCycle Server Startup

- Abhijit Ghosh, TRT Engineer @ Adobe

We were recently working on a customer scenario who wanted to make a custom code call during server startup.In order to achieve the same you would need to implement theLoad interface in your custom component as described below:

In the component.xml you would need to use the load-class tag in for the classes which implement the same and are to be loaded.


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

LiveCycle ES2 Connector for Microsoft SharePoint – Upload Large File sizes

- Abhijit Ghosh, LiveCycle TRT Engineer @ Adobe

We were recently working on a customer scenario who was facing issues with uploading documents greater than 50 MB on the Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010. There are a couple of things that one needs to keep in mind when dealing with large file sizes.


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

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