Santosh Tatke

Santosh Tatke

Santosh Tatke is a Sr. Support Architect at Adobe Systems. He specializes in ADEP (formerly LiveCycle) technology stack and works closely with customers, solution consultants and partners to troubleshoot, analyze and resolve technical challenges during POC, implementation, deployment or upgrade. He is a Certified LiveCycle ES2.5 Process Management Expert.

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Avoiding LiveCycle Kerberos based SSO problems for Active Directory users with large group memberships

Many LiveCycle customers implement kerberos based SSO in their deployments.

We recently came across an interesting customer situation where SSO did not work for some domain users. To recap working scenario – If LiveCycle SSO is configured correctly, when domain user opens workspace URL from  domain machine, workspace should directly open without asking for user credentials again.

In this case, it wasn’t working for some domain users; but worked for others.

Investigating further we found that non-working users were part of 100+ AD groups resulting in a large kerberos token size.

Customer was using JBoss 4.2.1 with LiveCycle ES2.5.


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Quick way to run multiple Jboss 5.x instances on single machine

- Santosh Tatke, Sr. Support Architect @ Adobe 

Use Case:

Often times one runs into use cases where you need to run multiple Jboss instances on same machine. E.g. If you are installing LiveCycle ES3 Correspondence Management solution. It needs two different app server instances for author and publish instance.

Obvious problem  you may run into is port conflicts. Known way of dealing with port conflicts is by manually changing Jboss config files.

Well, not anymore.


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LiveCycle XMLForms Native Process and WebSphere Global Security

- Santosh Tatke, Sr. Support Architect @ Adobe

Debugging form rendering issues related to XMLforms native process could be challenging. In one of the earlier blogs I’ve put together a few points those could help narrow down problem areas. Blog post is available here.

We recently encountered a situation with another customer which was another manifestation of form rendering related problem and root cause was very different.

They were using LiveCycle ES2 SP2 + AIX 6.1 + WAS + Oracle 11g.


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

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