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Samartha Vashishtha

Samartha Vashishtha works as a Content and Community Lead for the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. He enjoys documenting workflows and using visual approaches, such as infographics, in his work to make it dead simple for readers to understand complex scenarios. Samartha has been actively blogging and using social media channels to engage the user community. He is also a moderator for "The LiveCycle Post", a community content aggregator for LiveCyle (see At the STC Summit in Sacramento in 2011, Samartha delivered a well-received case study on the Adobe Community Help model. He has published several papers and articles in leading industry journals, including Intercom and the IEEE PCS Newsletter. While his professional interests include Web analytics (he is an Adobe Certified Expert in SiteCatalyst), content optimization, and SEO; beyond work, Samartha is a published bilingual poet, gadget aficionado, and intermittent technology journalist. This profile was written in third person by Samartha himself.

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Correspondence Management: Move active assets betwixt systems

- Samartha Vashishtha, Content and Community Lead @ Adobe

Correspondence Management 9.5 now lets you conveniently move active assets from one system to another. You can export the selected assets from the source system as a ZIP package and import the ZIP package into the target system.

This functionality is useful in several scenarios; for example, when you’re moving assets from a development environment to a production environment.

Read the complete post at The Doc Fox.

Enter special characters in Correspondence Management asset names

- Samartha Vashishtha, Content and Community Lead @ Adobe

Sometimes, you may want to create Correspondence Management solution assets that contain special characters in their names. To do so, you must first define the list of special characters that you want to use in the tbxeditor-config XML file.

Read the complete post at

Author-instance clustering for Correspondence Management

- Samartha Vashishtha, Content and Community Lead @ Adobe

We’ve added a brand new section to the Installing the Correspondence Management Developer’s Guide explaining how you can set up author-instance clustering for Correspondence Management.

When the Correspondence Management solution is deployed, the author instance runs on the same server as LiveCycle ES3. However, setting up the LiveCycle cluster doesn’t automatically configure the Correspondence Management author-instance cluster. You must set up this cluster manually.

Author-instance clustering has no dependency on LiveCycle clustering. The LiveCycle cluster acts as a backend system for author instance clustering when LiveCycle is integrated with the Correspondence Management solution. The shared nothing mode of clustering is supported for Correspondence Management.

You can read the full technical article here.

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