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Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2!! My fav bits

I was recently reading about upgrade to ES2 and new features of ES2 and these are my favorite bits. I’ll play with ES2 after the GM release and post the experiance later.. But so far this is what I’m really looking forward in ES2.

  • Simplify testing and deployment by previewing your business process, including testing form and Flex® user interfaces, and recording the process results.

The testing is on the top of my wish list. I even thought of writting a whole new AIR application to make our life easier around workflow testing and deployment. I’m talking about deployment on several staging environment!! But for now let’s forget about my AIR app development… Thanks ES2 for looking into this.

  • Reference real-time graphical server health statistics within the LiveCycle administration UI.

Love this…eliminates the need for a monitoring software for small projects.. Will it also have customisable alerts too?

  • Upgrade available from ES update 1, LC 7 and LC 6.

This is a big sale point to encourage clients on LC7 deployments. I wish the ‘compatibility layer’ usage can be kept to minimal usage as part of the upgrade.

  • Enhancements to Form Guide development cycle.

This is BIG improvement… It’s something you just need to play with.

Original article at http://blog.pandyaparth.com/2009/11/upgrade-to-livecycle-es2-my-fav-bits/.