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LiveCycle ES2: This scheduler instance (SchedulerName) is still active but was recovered by another instance in the cluster


If you are working with LiveCycle ES2 in a cluster you may notice the following message in the server log:

org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreSupport findFailedInstances “This scheduler instance (<SchedulerName>) is still active but was recovered by another instance in the cluster. This may cause inconsistent behavior”.


This exception often occurs when the clock times on the cluster nodes are not synchronized.  If the clock times on cluster nodes are more than 1.7 seconds out of synch you will start to see these Quartz messages in the log.


Synchronize the time on all cluster nodes and then restart the cluster.  The messages should no longer appear in the log.

reference: (1647846)

LiveCycle – Application Server Clustering Verification

When running Adobe LiveCycle in cluster mode, it is important to verify that the cluster is configured and started successfully. LiveCycle deployment has has twoclustering layers

  • Application Server Clustering
  • LiveCycle Clustering

LiveCycle runs on J2EE stack. J2EE level clustering should be configured as mentioned in LiveCycle cluster documentation. In this article we will go through each application server and based on logs determine if the clustering is successful or not, LiveCycle Clustering is described in the article – LiveCycle Cluster Verification.


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

LiveCycle Cluster Verification

On top of J2EE clustering, LiveCycle is clustered using Gemfire Distributed Cache. In cluster deployments, it is important that all the members of a LiveCycle cluster are able to find each other so that they can keep their individual caches in synchronization with one another. LiveCycle Cluster is configured properly or not can be identified based on two key indicators. The following are the key indicators.

  • Clustered Scheduler Service
  • Gemfire Logs


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

Determining if the LiveCycle Scheduler has Started in Cluster Mode

LiveCycle product blog has recently published a nice article that allows you to check if the LiveCycle scheduler has started properly in cluster mode or not.

Thanks LiveCycle team for publishing the details.
The blog entry can be found at – http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2011/02/schedulerclustermode.html

Original article at http://blog.pandyaparth.com/2011/02/determining-if-the-livecycle-scheduler-has-started-in-cluster-mode/.