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Adobe LiveCycle – Configuration Migration Utility

If you are a LiveCycle customer who manually sets configuration settings for LCAs and DSCs when duplicating an environment or migrating from one setup to another in your Dev, Staging or Production environment, then you may find this utility helpful. It exports the service configurations of all services deployed including LCAs in an XML which can then be imported on another setup to replicate these settings. If you like to be cautious and do settings manually, the XML output can serve as a good source for comparing the settings on the setups. One can also creates an HTML report using the output XML files, that will show the difference between service configurations of two LC system.

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Accessing .properties files within a Livecycle ES/ADEP DSC

The other day Darren asked about how to access a properties file with some settings from within a Livecycle ES resp. ADEP DSC on the livecycle developers mailing list. I responded there, but I thought it’d be useful to post the solution here as well.

Essentially a Livecycle/ADEP DSC is nothing else but a .jar file that’s been crafted in a certain way. Darren wanted to have the .properties file within the DSC and needed to know how to access the file from Java code within the DSC. Here’s a working approach how this can be done:


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Extending Adobe LiveCycle through custom DSCs – some resources

Don’t worry – this is not going to be a lengthy, complicated, super-advanced tutorial. I thought about writing a post on Adobe LC DSCs for a while, but never got round to. Today, I got kind of pushed over the edge by seeing that my friend Duane and his partner Matt from Überity have published a super-simple DSC to integrate an LC process with the Twilio SMS/TXT services.

You have no idea what I’m talking about? Ok – here’s the gist: A DSC is a Document Service Component in LiveCycle. Basically it’s a component wrapper for some custom logic or external service integration that one can write and use within the LiveCycle Process Management Engine. One of my biggest complains about and issues with LiveCycle are the lack of community contribution and the lack of good and advanced documentation around the product. So, let’s take this opportunity to compile a few interesting resources around DSCs.

If you’re ever in the need of extending LiveCycle (and most serious users I know are at some point), writing a Document Service Component is one of the easiest ways. To get started, use a tutorial Adobe provides here:

Extending LiveCycle ES software through custom DSC development – Part 1: Create a basic service component


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Defining Document Services Custom Components (DSCs)


Michael Steward

I’ve written a few custom components in my time working with ADEP but recently came across an excellent summary of what exactly these little (or in some cases large!) pieces of code actually are.  A recent blog post on the Adobe ADEP blog summarised it nicely:

A DSC is a component that can be installed on a Documents Server and introduces new functionality. It stands for Document Service Component. Most product components are DSCs but customers can write their own DSCs to create new integrations or functionality that require a higher level of sophistication than is appropriate with the use of standard integration options (e.g SOAP) or scripting/process maps. They are basically POJOs with nifty enterprise configurations around them that allow enterprise class life cycle, versioning and configuration (e.g. in an enterprise BPM system you don’t necessarily want a new version of a component to alter the way an inflight process is operating, or how a completed process reports audit data…) or even have to bounce the server to change the implementation of the DSC. It is definitely part of the secrete sauce of LiveCycle/ADEP Document Services.

Source: ADEP Blog

Original article at http://michaelsteward.com/2011/10/09/defining-document-services-custom-components-dscs/.

Displaying Base64 images in Designer

Michael Steward

A recent project required me to write a custom component to merge image data with some text.  This was simple enough in itself but testing the output Base64 image data with PDF files proved a pain.  As a result I made a very simple PDF in Designer which allows you to test your Base64 encoded image strings to see how they’ll look in a PDF document.  The following link will let you download the form which can be opened in designer.  The archive also contains a very basic data schema and test data to get you started.  Just replace the Base64 string in the “sampleData.xml” file with your own string.  Fire up Designer and click the Preview tab to see if the image is displaying properly.

Download Base64ImageTest.zip

Original article at http://michaelsteward.com/2011/09/16/displaying-base64-images-in-designer/.