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Building Tablet Applications at MAX 2011!

Adobe MAX is coming soon and I’m very excited to be co-presenting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Lab with Christophe Coenraets this year! The official title is Building an Enterprise App for Android Tablets in 90 Minutes, however we will be targeting Tablet devices in general, not just Android. You will walk away from the lab with a full-fledged Tablet application that works great on iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab (10in), Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook and more. It will serve as an excellent reference for all things mobile since we cover a ton of different mobile development features and use various APIs for some added coolness.

Here are some highlights of the application we’ll be building:

  • Specifically target a tablet with a split panel look (list on the left/detail on the right – think mail clients on tablets)
  • Use states to control layout based on things like current device orientation, OS (android, iOS, qnx) and device type (phone/tablet). NOTE: Honestly, this alone is a reason to come to this session. You will see how you can use a states helper class to automatically update states for all of these things (orientation, OS and device type) and simplify the multi-platform development challenge in a big way!
  • Use a SQLite local database for persisting data
  • ESRI map incorporation
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding with Google Geocoding APIs
  • Camera Integration – take a picture and save it to your database
  • GPS Integration
  • Using Gestures
  • Using a BusyIndicator
  • Custom styles and skins
  • Custom components including a popup list implementation (to replace a drop-down)
  • Custom item renderers

And much more!

The spots are going fast so register now! At last check we had only 20 or so left out of 100, so if the above sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?! Our session will be held Wednesday, October 5th from 8:30-10am. Don’t miss out!

See you at MAX :-) !!!


Original article at http://devgirl.org/2011/09/15/building-tablet-applications-at-max-2011/.

Adobe MAX 2011 – Developing cross-OS mobile apps with Adobe Flash Builder, Flex, AIR & ADEP

At Adobe MAX on Sunday (preconference), Garth Braithwaite and I will be delivering a very cool hands-on code camp.  This is a 480-minute session and a bring-your-own computer session so if you register for it, you will need to do some preparation.  Some of the preparations will be posted on this site but they will also be pushed to all registered attendees.In this lab you’ll get up and running building a mobile application with Adobe AIR. The lab will focus on the smartphone form factor, so bring your Android phone, BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, or iPhone. We’ll do an introduction to AIR for mobile and then dive into the Flex framework to see how it makes building standalone applications easy. You’ll learn how to use native device features like the camera or GPS, plus how to create and manage views, data, and layout within your application. You’ll also get a hands-on look at how to debug, optimize, and deploy to devices using Flash Builder.

Part of this course will be focused in on using the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP) and connecting to it using Flash Builder.

Here is a rough sketch of the session:

Lab 1: Building a new Mobile Application Project
Lab 2: Pushing Data Between Views
Lab 3: Packaging and Deploying the Application
3.1 Android Release
3.2 iOS Release
3.3 BlackBerry Tablet OS Release
Lab 4: Getting System Details
Lab 5: Adding a Back (Home) Button to the ActionBar
Lab 6: Zoom Gestures
Lab 7: Pan Gestures
Lab 8: Rotate Gestures
Lab 9: Accelerometer


Lab 10: Install the Flash Builder ADEP Plugins
Lab 11: Starting and learning the ADEP Server
Lab 12: Installing the ADEP SDK and Samples packages
Lab 13: Extract, Set up and Run the sampledb
Lab 14: Enable Remote Data Services via the Felix Console
Lab 15: Retrieving and Installing the ADEP SDK into Flash Builder
Lab 16: Setting up a new Flash Builder ADEP Project
Lab 17: Building the Flex Client Application for ADEP
Demonstrating the Application
Lab 18: Adding Nodes and XML Content to ADEP
Lab 19: Building a Flex Mobile Project that consumes ADEP Services
How to build the ADEP_XML View
Getting Details about each wine
Lab 20: Advanced ADEP mobile services
Lab 21: Building a RESTful mobile application with ADEP
Lab 22: Learn how to use cross-­platform push messaging
Lab 23: Learning how to use local notifications
Lab 24: Adding two-­factor authentication


There is no guarantee this is the final list of labs however it should be relatively close.

– comfortable with XML syntax
– some coding experience would be good

There are still some seats left for this session.  You can register at:
Preconference session 403-A

Original article at http://technoracle.blogspot.com/2011/09/adobe-max-2011-developing-cross-os.html.