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LiveCycle on JBoss with Oracle having multiple schemas

Sometimes user may face issues while configuring LiveCycle on JBoss with Oracle having multiple schema.  One of the them are TIMERS and HILOSEQUENCES tables not found.

The steps to resolve this issue are discussed in this blog.

Enabling XA Transactions in Oracle 11g for ADEP Interactive Statements

The Adobe Customer Experience solution “Customer Communications – Interactive Statements” (formerly Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator) requires an XA-type JDBC data source. If the RDBMS being used is Oracle 11g, the user that connects to Oracle on behalf of the J2EE appserver JDBC connection pool requires additional “object privileges” to certain SYSTEM tables in Oracle. Essentially, these are as follows:

- SELECT object privileges on tables sys.dba_pending_transactions, sys.pending_trans$ and sys.dba_2pc_pending

- EXECUTE object privileges on table sys.dbms_xa

The required DDL is available in the ADEP install documentation here.

If this is not done, you will get WARNING messages in your appserver log that looks something like this:
WARN [loggerI18N] [com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.recovery.xarecovery1] Local XARecoveryModule.xaRecovery got XA exception javax.transacti
on.xa.XAException, XAException.XAER_RMERR

See here for SQL Server 2008.

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