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LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4 SP1 provides Quick-Fix patch to take the advantage of Microsoft Windows hotfix 2815716

Microsoft released hotfix 2815716 to resolve the issue which restricted different users running in a single session (using runas command) to print from 32 bit applications. This restriction earlier forced the users to end the Splwow64.exe process manually before using the runas command to print from a 32-bit program with different user account in a single session.

This restriction required LiveCycle PDF Generator service to terminate splwow64.exe before Microsoft Office and other native conversions could be executed (though this termination was not done in case it was known that non-availability of Splwow64.exe would not cause a failure).

To know more about this development and its impact on LiveCycle, read Sudhanshu Singh's blog post.

New PDF Export formats introduced in PDF Generator ES4

PDF Generator ES4 introduces new export formats which convert PDF documents to Office Open XML formats (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX). These conversions use Acrobat based conversion route to perform the operation.
Similar to other existing export formats these new formats are only available on Windows platform, and are single-threaded. The output generated would have the same quality as standalone Acrobat Export option.

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PDFG ES4 with UAC enabled

Adobe Livecyle ES3 SP2 and ES4 now supports running PDFG with UAC enabled. Apart from the code changes done in PDFG some OS level settings are also required. This article describes these settings and configurations required for PDFG to work seamlessly. However please note that UAC should be disabled at the time of Livecycle installation and Configuration.

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Requirements and Recommendations for running LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4 on Windows 2008 server

To get the full advantage of PDF Generator features provided by LiveCycle ES4 on Windows 2008 Server, administrator needs to ensure that all the prerequisites are met for conversions to succeed. Based on the conversion formats required, some of these prerequisites may not be applicable.
This blog tries to list down these requirements with a brief description on each of them.

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Configuring PDF Generator ES4 on Windows for remote deployments

PDF Generator configuration batch file performs a set of configurations on the server machine which are required to successfully perform various conversions. The batch file is run as part of the LiveCycle configuration for turnkey and local deployments, but is required to be executed manually in case of remote deployments. For a clustered deployment, this needs to be run on all nodes in the cluster.

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File Format specific PDFG configuration requirements in LiveCycle ES4

PDF Generator supports a large number of file formats for conversion to PDF, and requires corresponding software installations on the server. Below is a list of applications which are supported by PDF Generator, including the file formats each application supports.

To know the details of all the supported file formats, read the complete post here.

Converting DOC(X) in LiveCycle PDF Generator yeilds error: ALC-PDG-019-060-Encountered error while importing the XMP file.


When PDFG ES2 converts Word documents, it extracts the metadata and compiles it as an XMP for the PDF.

There is a known problem however, when a file contains custom metadata: PDFG cannot compile the XMP properly for such files.

To check the metadata in the DOC, open Word.
Use the MS Office menu (the big round one, top left) : Prepare : Properties
A small yellow info bar will appear above the editing area.
In that area, Click “DIP Properties – …” and select “Advanced properties …”
Go to the “Custom” tab

If there are items in the space at the bottom labelled “Properties”, then your DOCX is likely to fail to convert.

There are two solutions to this:

A) Workaround.
1/ Log on to the LiveCycle Admin UI
2/ Go to Services : PDF generator : File type Settings : [your file type settings]
3/ Open Word file type settings
4/ Uncheck “Convert document info”
5/ Save

This will prevent PDFG from trying to extract and convert the Word metadata – thus excluding the problematic custom information

2) Obtain the patch

If you have an Adobe Platinum support agreement, you can contact technical support and request the patch.

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/an_tai/archives/64.

LiveCycle PDF Generator – Configuring WebSphere AppServer Instance to Run As Windows Service

– Jayan Kandathil

If you get exceptions such as follows in WebSphere SystemOut.log when you try LiveCycle PDF Generator document conversions, you might need to run the WebSphere appserver instance as a Windows service running as the ‘SYSTEM’ account:

ERROR: API = CreateProcessAsUser
MESSAGE = A required privilege is not held by the client.

Download the utility WASServiceCmd.exe from here. Copy it to %WAS_HOME%bin and run it to create a Windows service for the WebSphere appserver instance that hosts LiveCycle.

WASService.exe -add “Adobe_LiveCycle” -serverName “server1″ -profilePath “C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppSrv01″ -logRoot “C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppSrv01logsserver1″ -logFile “C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppSrv01logsserver1SystemOut.log” -encodeParams -stopArgs “-username SYSTEM” -startType manual -restart false

If it worked, you should get a response similar to this:

Adding Service: Adobe_LiveCycle
Config Root: C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppSrv01config
Server Name: server1
Profile Path: C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppSrv01
Was Home: C:ProgramsIBMWebSphereAppServer
Start Args:
Restart: 0
IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 - Adobe_LiveCycle service successfully added.

Start the service and try the document conversion again. If you still have problems, see this.

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2011/04/livecycle-pdf-generator-configuring-websphere-appserver-instance-to-run-as-windows-service.html.

Submitting PDF to a servlet

– Girish Bedekar

I have written a simple servlet which writes the submitted pdf to the c drive of the server. I have written the instructions in the pdf document which can be found here
Click here to access the pdf
Download the war file
Deploy it on your server
Design your form with a submit button configured to submit “PDF” and pointing to the url
The url should be of the following format


in my case it was http://ginger:8080/SaveToFile/SavePdf. Where ginger:8080 is my server and port no.
Save the form and hit the submit button
The form will get submitted to the servlet which writes the pdf to the c drive of the server
Let me know if you need any more help

Original article at http://eslifeline.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/submitting-pdf-to-a-servlet/.