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Things to Know Before Installing ADEP Experience and Document Services

I’ve recorded two webinars (Adobe Connect sessions) for people who are about to install ADEP Experience and Document Services. The first one discusses some high-level topics like supported platforms, development tools etc. while the second provides screen-by-screen details of a complete install effort on Windows, including the installation of Flash Builder 4.5, its integration with an ADEP Experience Server, and the integration of the Experience Server with the Document Server.

Since these are Adobe Connect sessions, your browser should have Adobe Flash Player installed.

1) Install – Introduction (15 minutes)
2) Install – Detailed Steps (31 minutes)

Additional Resources are available:

– Introductory video on ADEP by Steve Forrest (9 minutes)

– YouTube video by Gary Gilchrist, explaining how to integrate ADEP Experience Server with ADEP Document Server (12 minutes)

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/ADEP/2011/08/things-to-know-before-installing-adep-experience-and-document-services.html.