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Change the GDS (Global Document Storage) location of a Production LiveCycle ES System

Important Remark:
Within the LiveCycle Documentation you will find the following on the GDS:
“The global document storage (GDS) is a directory used to store long-lived files such as PDF files used within a process or DSC deployment archives. Long-lived files are a critical part of the overall state of the LiveCycle ES environment. If some or all long-lived documents are lost or corrupted, the LiveCycle ES server may become unstable. Input documents for asynchronous job invocation are also stored in the GDS and must be available in order to process requests. Therefore, it is important that the GDS is stored on the redundant array of independent disks (RAID) and backed up regularly.”
So the GDS is the cornerstone of a LiveCycle system. Changing this location should be carefully executed by product experts. Take a back-up before you start and don’t try this at home …
For whatever reason you want to change the location of the GDS. As explained above this is possible but should be very carefully executed.
Disclaimer: This section will describe the different steps to execute in order to move the location of the GDS. These steps should be considered as a Guideline and not as a by Adobe Supported set of actions. You are encouraged to execute this first in a Test environment before doing this in a Production environment. The different Steps are:
  1. Alert and Ask the End-Users to get out of the LiveCycle Application/Server
  2. Put the LiveCycle Application/Server in ‘Operate in safe backup mode’. In Adminui go to Settings > Core System > Backup Settings – select the ‘Operate in safe backup mode’ and hit the OK button.
  3. Backup the GDS folder
  4. Zip or Tar the GDS folder
  5. Change the location of the GDS folder. In Adminui go to Settings > Core System > Core Configurations and change the location of the GDS Directory. Hit the OK button; you will get a second page and hit the OK button again
  6. Shutdown the LiveCycle Application/Server
  7. Check whether the LiveCycle Application/Server system user has access to the new GDS folder
  8. UnZip or UnTar the files in the new GDS folder
  9. StartUp the LiveCycle Application/Server
  10. Do some basic validations. In Adminui go to Services > Applications and Services and choose Archive Management and Endpoint Management and check visually whether you get the expected information
  11. Deactivate the ‘Operate in safe backup mode’. In Adminui go to Settings > Core System > Backup Settings – unselect the ‘Operate in safe backup mode’ and hit the OK button

Tip to stay healthy:
Make sure that you have the final location of the GDS available, before you install LiveCycle in a Production environment.

Original article at http://www.drflex.eu/2009/06/change-the-gds-global-document-storage-location-of-a-production-livecycle-es-system/.