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Managing Process Recordings in LiveCycle

Process Recordings are stored in the /GDS/audit/workflow/ directory.

By default, the maximum number of recordings that can be stored is set to 50.

The value for maximum number of recordings can be configured via Workbench:


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Configuring Limits For LiveCycle Workbench Recordings

Chris Trubiani

I learned something new today and figured it was worth sharing for other people that didn’t realize these settings existed.  On a call I was asked why recordings of a process would stop after a certain number of steps and how that can be configured.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize we limited this, though now that I do it does make sense as a good idea to avoid having recordings take up a massive amount of disk space.  So I took the question offline and dug into it.

It turns out there are two configuration parameters to set limits for recordings done in Workbench.  The setting can be found and configured in Adminui under Services->Applications and Services->Service Management.  Select the AuditWorkflowService service, and then click the Configuration tab.  The two settings are:

  1. maxNumberOfRecordingInstances – This is the maximum total number of recorded processes that will be allowed on the server at any time.  By default the value is 50.  When you go to record the 51st process the 1st process recording will be deleted from the server to make room for the new one.
  2. maxNumberOfRecordingEntries – This is the maximum total number of steps in a process that will be saved in a recording.  By default the value is 50.  If a process being recorded consists of 75 steps, then the first until the 50th step will be saved into the recording.  Steps 51 to 75 will not be saved.

The first parameter is nice to know about, but I think in most cases having a history of 50 process recordings will be sufficient.  It’s the second parameter that is most likely to cause problems for people when trying to debug large processes.  To that end if you see the following warning in your server’s log file you’ll now know that your running into this limit and need to change the value accordingly:

WARNING: stop recording entries due to space limitation.

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