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LC Designer: Wrong variable getting deleted

If you are working on a form in LiveCycle Designer which has not just form variables but also object collections and/or script objects all those will be listed on the Hierarchy tab under Variables.
Issue: If you delete a form variable from the Form Properties dialog (File > Form Properties > Variables) the wrong one will get deleted if the variables are not sorted.

To resolve this issue read this blog post.

Troubleshooting Adobe ES4 Mobile Workspace Build failure issue with xCode 5

With the upgrade of OS X to version 10.8 and above and xCode version to 5.0 onward, some build issues might come up with Adobe Mobile Workspace

MWS build error

To resolve this problem, we need to remove the weak library link flags from the Linking options.

For details about the issue and steps to fix it, see Adobe LiveCycle blog.

Debugging Mobile Form

Logging in Mobile Form or any application for that matter is of utmost importance. It helps our customers in debugging the various issues in forms including performance. Mobile Form is a distributed application. It has a server component that generates data for the XFA runtime. XFA runtime is a javascript implementation of XFA reference that runs inside the browser and interprets the data generated by the Mobile Form server to render an XFA template and data in html5. In distributes scenario, logging helps a lot in keeping tab at what is going on at various sites.

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Canonical name ‘vs’ User ID


Recently I worked on a customer issue where in they were seeing an error when the user logged into their AIR client on MAC and was unable to access the application.

The error seen was :

LC_AuthenticateUser Error: com.adobe.idp.um.api.UMException| [com.adobe.idp.um.api.impl.AuthenticationManagerImpl] errorCode:16386 errorCodeHEX:0×4002 message:user_identifier:Z027223 domain:DefaultDomcom.adobe.idp.common.errors.exception.IDPException| [com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.directoryservices.DirectoryServicesManagerBean] errorCode:13316 errorCodeHEX:0×3404 message:user_identifier: Z027223 domain:DefaultDom;


Read the complete post at Adobe LiveCycle Blog.

LiveCycle Output ES2: “Failure to automatically determine column ’5′ width”


If you are using LiveCycle Output to generate PDF documents using XDP files as input, you may encounter the following exception and no PDF will be returned:

0000012a XMLFormAgentW E com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.logging.FormsLogger logMessage
ALC-OUT-002-017: mid,tid: 29435,23593162.1 sev: f text: Failure to automatically determine column '8' width.
0000012a FormServerExc E com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.logging.FormsLogger logMessage
ALC-OUT-002-013: XMLFormFactory, PAexecute failure: "(com.adobe.document.xmlform.ReturnStatus@39133913)
Failure to automatically determine column '5' width."

If you load the same XDP file in Designer ES2 and goto PDF Preview, you may notice the same message as a warning in the log, but the PDF will be correctly rendered and displayed:

Failure to automatically determine column '5' width


Read the full article at http://blogs.adobe.com/dmcmahon/2012/02/04/livecycle-output-es2-failure-to-automatically-determine-column-5-width/.

LiveCycle ES2: UnsupportedClassVersionError: (oracle/jdbc/OracleDriver) bad major version at offset=6

– David McMahon


If you are attempting to configure Adobe LiveCycle server using the LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM) with an Oracle database, you may encounter the following exception during the DB configuration step:

Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError:
(oracle/jdbc/OracleDriver) bad major version at offset=6
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassImpl(Native Method)
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:258)
 at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(SecureClassLoader.java:151)
 at java.net.URLClassLoader.defineClass(URLClassLoader.java:589)
 at java.net.URLClassLoader.access$400(URLClassLoader.java:123)
 at java.net.URLClassLoader$ClassFinder.run(URLClassLoader.java:1034)
 at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(AccessController.java:279)
 at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:491)
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:631)
 at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:349)
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:597)
 at java.lang.Class.forNameImpl(Native Method)
 at java.lang.Class.forName(Class.java:130)
 at com.adobe.livecycle.cdv.validator.DBValidator.validateDB(DBValidator.java:174)


This error can occur if you are not using the correct Oracle DB driver, or the correct Java JDK for your platform.


You should check the Oracle DB driver and JDK version required in the relevant platform matrix.  With LiveCycle ES2 for example the platform matrix is located here:


So if you were to install LiveCycle ES2 on AIX 5.3 with WebSphere 7, you should be using the 64-bit JDK 1.6 SR7 provided by WebSphere (WAS_HOME/AppServer/java), and the ojdbc6.jar Oracle driver.

Be sure to set the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables as instructed in http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/prepareinstallsingle.pdf

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/dmcmahon/2012/01/21/livecycle-es2-unsupportedclassversionerror-oraclejdbcoracledriver-bad-major-version-at-offset6/.

LiveCycle ES: how to uninstall a patch or service pack

– David McMahon



If you have installed a patch or service pack for LiveCycle ES you may need to uninstall this at a later date, or you may have a requirement to document this process fully as part of your installation/configuration documentation.

This information is outlined in the readme file provided with each patch or service pack, and I will just expand on that giving some more detail here.  In this example I will discuss uninstalling LiveCycle ES Update 1 SP4 (, to go back to LiveCycle ES Update 1 SP3 ( on Windows.


Before installing/uninstalling any patch you should take note of the current versions installed so you can verify your steps have been successful later.  Take a screenshot of the About screen, and the Service Management screen from the AdminUI.

AdminUI > About screen (note the Patch version “SP4″ and Service Pack version “8.1.5192.1.284202.47″, and the Patch level of each deployed component “SP4″):

AdminUI > Services > Applications and Services > Service Management screen (note the Component Versions “8.1.5192.1.284202.47″, “8.1.5193.1.279333.70″, etc…):

Before running through the uninstallation process it would advisable to make a backup of your existing configuration in case any unexpected problems should arise.  To do this, you should make a copy of the entire LiveCycle installation directory (excluding the MySQL folder if it exists within the LiveCycle directory).

You should also take note of the following configuration properties from AdminUI > Settings > Core System Settings > Configurations:

  • Location of temp directory
  • Global document storage root directory (Changing this value will result in data loss unless you also manually move the data)
  • Location of the Adobe Server Fonts directory
  • Location of the System Fonts directory

If you have LiveCycle Content Services ES installed, you should also have the location of the Content Services root directory which you entered during the original installation/configuration process.

Read the full blog post at http://blogs.adobe.com/dmcmahon/2011/12/20/livecycle-es-how-to-uninstall-a-patch-or-service-pack/.

Converting DOC(X) in LiveCycle PDF Generator yeilds error: ALC-PDG-019-060-Encountered error while importing the XMP file.


When PDFG ES2 converts Word documents, it extracts the metadata and compiles it as an XMP for the PDF.

There is a known problem however, when a file contains custom metadata: PDFG cannot compile the XMP properly for such files.

To check the metadata in the DOC, open Word.
Use the MS Office menu (the big round one, top left) : Prepare : Properties
A small yellow info bar will appear above the editing area.
In that area, Click “DIP Properties – …” and select “Advanced properties …”
Go to the “Custom” tab

If there are items in the space at the bottom labelled “Properties”, then your DOCX is likely to fail to convert.

There are two solutions to this:

A) Workaround.
1/ Log on to the LiveCycle Admin UI
2/ Go to Services : PDF generator : File type Settings : [your file type settings]
3/ Open Word file type settings
4/ Uncheck “Convert document info”
5/ Save

This will prevent PDFG from trying to extract and convert the Word metadata – thus excluding the problematic custom information

2) Obtain the patch

If you have an Adobe Platinum support agreement, you can contact technical support and request the patch.

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/an_tai/archives/64.