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Adobe LiveCycle – Configuration Migration Utility

If you are a LiveCycle customer who manually sets configuration settings for LCAs and DSCs when duplicating an environment or migrating from one setup to another in your Dev, Staging or Production environment, then you may find this utility helpful. It exports the service configurations of all services deployed including LCAs in an XML which can then be imported on another setup to replicate these settings. If you like to be cautious and do settings manually, the XML output can serve as a good source for comparing the settings on the setups. One can also creates an HTML report using the output XML files, that will show the difference between service configurations of two LC system.

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Upgrade to LiveCycle ES2!! My fav bits

I was recently reading about upgrade to ES2 and new features of ES2 and these are my favorite bits. I’ll play with ES2 after the GM release and post the experiance later.. But so far this is what I’m really looking forward in ES2.

  • Simplify testing and deployment by previewing your business process, including testing form and Flex® user interfaces, and recording the process results.

The testing is on the top of my wish list. I even thought of writting a whole new AIR application to make our life easier around workflow testing and deployment. I’m talking about deployment on several staging environment!! But for now let’s forget about my AIR app development… Thanks ES2 for looking into this.

  • Reference real-time graphical server health statistics within the LiveCycle administration UI.

Love this…eliminates the need for a monitoring software for small projects.. Will it also have customisable alerts too?

  • Upgrade available from ES update 1, LC 7 and LC 6.

This is a big sale point to encourage clients on LC7 deployments. I wish the ‘compatibility layer’ usage can be kept to minimal usage as part of the upgrade.

  • Enhancements to Form Guide development cycle.

This is BIG improvement… It’s something you just need to play with.

Original article at http://blog.pandyaparth.com/2009/11/upgrade-to-livecycle-es2-my-fav-bits/.

Migrating an Application from Adobe® LiveCycle® ES to ES2

Are you migrating existing LiveCycle applications to LiveCycle ES2?
Check out the recent  captivate recording I put together:
  • Importing an 8.x LCA and verifying functionality
  • Making minor edits to resources and pushing them back to the legacy repository
  • Full upgrade/migration of the application to ES2 application model, taking advantage of the new tooling

Full documentation for migration of applications can be found here:


Original article at http://livecycleapps.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/migrating-an-application-from-adobe%C2%AE-livecycle%C2%AE-es-to-es2/.

Archive Migration Tool available on Adobe Labs!

Gilbert Yu

Available on Adobe Labs is the prerelease of the Archive Migration Tool.  The plug-in is available for LiveCycle Workbench ES2 (version 9 and higher).  Check out the tool  here.

In a nutshell, this tool migrates archive files from the LiveCycle ES  to LiveCycle ES2 or LiveCycle ES2.5 applications.  Without this tool, it is necessary for you to manually upgrade your LiveCycle ES applications.  For more information about upgrading legacy soutions, see Upgrading legacy solutions to LiveCycle ES2.5 in the LiveCycle Workbench 9.5 Help.

Enjoy and please do not hesitate to provide feedback!

Original article at http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycledocs/2010/11/archive-migration-tool-available-on-adobe-labs.html.