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Introducing LC Keywords-Logical Operators– and,or

I was experimenting with xpath expression and found that the ‘and’ and ‘or’ works perfectly as the logical operators.
I’m perosnally so happy to see them working. In few cases it was too hard to configure the conditional routes with just OR/AND joint.

I’ve attached an example to demonstrate a simple usage of ‘and’-‘or’ logical operators. This is the condition that I’ve put in the example.

(normalize-space(/process_data/@Input_Value1)=’555′ or normalize-space(/process_data/@Input_Value1)=’666′) and (normalize-space(/process_data/@Input_Value2)=’777′)

I believe that this is going to make workflow design so much cleaner. Instead of nested conditional routes and 4-5 decision points or set value steps we would be able to do lot more things in few steps now.

I think this is an XPath Explorer feature so is not limited to just route conditions. All of the places where XPath expression is evaluated should be able use these.

Hope this helps to you too!!!

Original article at http://blog.pandyaparth.com/2009/07/introducing-lc-keywords-logical-operators-andor/.

Extending PDF support within Microsoft SharePoint

I’m seeing a lot of organisations adopt Microsoft’s SharePoint server lately and one common discussion point is around PDF workflows and how to support functions such as Check In / Check out etc. For those users out there, you’ll be please to know that Adobe has quite a few new ways for you to extend your SharePoint workflows into […]

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LiveCycle ES2 Highlights – Record and Playback Enhancements

– Seth Reilly

Record and Playback is often considered the most valuable debugging tool in LiveCycle. It allows you to record then step though the execution of a process, to examine the variable values, routes taken etc…

The following Record and Playback improvements were made in ES2:

  • A visual indicator (a red dot) will now appear when recording is activated for a particular process
  • You can manage process recordings at a global level (Start/Stop/Delete etc…) This allows an administrator to easily disable all recordings on a server.
  • You can activate/deactivate recordings for an entire application in a single click



Original article at http://livecycleapps.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/livecycle-es2-highlight-record-and-playback-enhancementso/.