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August 19, 2005

Week in Review

On Tuesday of this week, I delivered a 6-hour hands-on session on LiveCycle Designer. I anticipated a developer audience, but the attendees were a mix of users and developers. The 14 attendees composed primarily of US Federal Government agencies and Government contractors. The feedback was good, but I learned a few lessons:
– Although we claim Designer is easy for a developer to use (to create forms), the biggest challenge is learning where all the attributes are in the palettes. For example, which palette contains controlling margins (Layout); which palette contains binding information (Object); and so on.
– We still have some challenges in the area of JavaScript parity between Acrobat-created JS and Designer-created JS. Some JS functions available in Acrobat do not have a reciprocal function in Designer. I’ll be happy when this is resolved.

Thursday, I traveled to Hartford, CT to deliver a presentation to 80 consultants (mostly civil engineers) at the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) on Acrobat 7 for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) I focused on PDF as a Standard, Create & Combine PDFs, Review PDFs, and Secure PDFs. Many of attendees approached me after the talk saying ‘I didn’t know you could do that!’ and ‘That was great. That’s exactly what we need’.

For me, hearing comments like that is what drives me to continue evangelizing PDF.

Next up — PDF Tour in the Nordic Region (Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm). This will be a fun week as many PDF ‘gurus’ get together to present case studies, tips & tricks, and lessons learned. Additionally, I’ll be hosting lunch sessions in each city to talk with developers about their experiences with our current developer tools and their expectations moving forward. If you’re in one of these cities the first week of September (5th-8th) please feel free to contact me for information on registration.

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August 15, 2005


Welcome to my first blog. As I mentioned in my ‘About’ description, I’ve been a Developer Evangelist for the past 5 years at Adobe. However, I’ve been employed by Adobe for 9 years in total. I spend all of my time talking about PDF: PDF as a standard (like PDF/A and PDF/E); PDF in Acrobat or Reader; PDF & XML in our LiveCycle products.

I’m a bit nervous about blogging, so bear with me as I learn the ropes.

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