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September 20, 2005

Announcing Adobe Acrobat User’s Group

Today in Washington, DC, at the quarterly Adobe Gov’t User’s group meeting, Pooja Goyal & Andy Lauta made a presentation on the newly announced Acrobat User’s Group community. We’ve had an InDesign User’s Group community for a while, and now it’s time for Acrobat to come on board.

I’m excited about this announcement and the first chapter of the new community will be the DC-based Gov’t group that has been meeting for once per quarter growing out of the DC Developer Workshop which launched in the fall of 2002.

The URL is live as of today. No content yet, but you can register your name & email to be notified when the web site content is available.


  • By Amit Agarwal - 11:40 PM on September 21, 2005  

    Might want to double-check your links.

  • By Dag Eriksen (Global Electronic Papers AS) - 6:21 AM on September 26, 2005  

    Hello Lori DeFurio.
    We spoke in Oslo. I am the one asking about pdfmark and tagging in PDF/EPS files.
    I write to you bacause I hope you can help me.
    Within about 2 weeks I will do a presentastion for one of the biggest newspapers in Norway. In this presentation I would like to show them the Macromedia Flash/Audio/Video possibilities that can be embedded in a PDF-file. I am not able to make this myself so I hoped that you could provide me with an example or two.

    Dag Eriksen
    Ph.: +47 977 26479

  • By will pollard - 8:05 AM on September 26, 2005  


    I work on the website for Acrobat User Forum in the UK. We have some contact with Adobe but almost no promotion help for our meetings. We would like to move to a new corporate audience beyond pre-press.

    Our scope includes open source by the way and we invite speakers from Global Graphics etc.

    It would be nice to know more about Adobe ideas on user groups.