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September 27, 2005

Day 1 – PDF Conference

Just finished up Day 1 of PDF Conference . The keynote was delivered by our own Mike Ouslander.
He used a presentation originally created by Jim King (for the PDF Expo 2005 tour in Nordic countries) to give an overview of the history of PDF and Acrobat.

Attendance is light (around 100 people) but there are 12 vendors – including Adobe – and the attendees appear to be happy with the very ‘personal’ attention they are receiving.

The day wrapped up with the Warp Speed Tour, which allows vendors/developers 5 minutes (and there is a timer) to talk about their products/solutions.

What can you say in 5 minutes? I represented Adobe and decided to focus on 3D in PDF. I showed multiple examples of 3D embedded in PDFs, including samples created by Immersive Design, Kaon, Bentley, and our own team. The audience was truly impressed by the possibilities.

On a separate note, on Sunday, I hosted a 4-hour presentation by Leonard Rosenthol called ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about PDF’ and an early evening cocktail party for out-of-towners. I’m hoping to record this material and make it available on our website.


  • By will pollard - 8:05 AM on October 11, 2005  

    There seems not to be much coverage of the Acrobat Users announcement at the PDF Conference. Found this on Planet PDF

    SHEA: What do you know about the Acrobat user groups that Adobe has launched during the show? What’s your reaction to it, and what do you think will be the impact on the industry?

    YOUNG: Actually, I don’t know. As I have been talking about this, I don’t actually have a clear outline of what it is exactly that Adobe intends to do with the user groups. I don’t know if it’s just going to be a website. They seem to be talking a lot about local venues; having local collections of PDF users get together for meetings with speakers, and stuff like that. I think it’ll be very valuable. There’s a real need for that, and I can see it being a benefit for (both) the user community and also for Adobe.

    The downside to having Adobe be the chief “runner” of the PDF community is then that — just because of the way that business works — is that they’re not going to be very interested in non-Adobe solutions to any PDF issues. That’s my only concern about that, is just a total, 100% Adobe focus, and not being open to any solutions from any other, third party vendors, however valid or useful they may be. That’s the downside that I see to Adobe running them compared to an independent group that would have some Adobe participation, but not be run out of Adobe’s San Jose headquarters.

    Has he got a point?

  • By Lori DeFurio - 4:43 PM on October 11, 2005  


    In addition to the piece you mention, there were 2 articles on the announcement on PDFZone (article1, article2) as well as the presentation I posted here. Additionally, the same presentation was presented at the PDF Conference to close to 100 people and from that presentation Adobe clearly indicated that the Acrobat User initiative would include a web portal ( and local chapters where Acrobat users could connect in person. The speaker in Crystal City, Pooja Goyal, asked ‘how many of you would be interested in attending/participating in an Acrobat User community?’ Almost everyone in the room raised their hands. And then when she asked ‘how many of you would be interested in starting/hosting/launching a local chapter’ over 25 hands went up!

    Adobe is responding to requests from our customers – to help Acrobat and Adobe Reader users connect with each other. Is there really a ‘downside’ of Adobe helping bring these users together? Personally, I don’t think so. I think it is a great opportunity for individual users to connect with other users to solve problems, share tips & tricks, and (to be very honest) work together to provide feedback to Adobe to help improve the product(s). If you look at the Adobe User-to-User forums today, although the focus is Acrobat and/or Reader, there is always discussion about either PDF (as a specification or as a standard) or non-Adobe solutions around PDF. I expect this type of interaction to continue in the Acrobat User community.

  • By will pollard - 5:56 AM on October 12, 2005  


    Thanks for this.

    I am encouraged when you say about existing forums
    “there is always discussion about either PDF (as a specification or as a standard) or non-Adobe solutions around PDF. I expect this type of interaction to continue in the Acrobat User community”.

    I work on the website for the UK Acrobat User Forum. To explain for people reading this blog who don’t already know about it, the AUF has been going about ten years. Meetings now fairly small but we swap content with several other groups.

    New support from Adobe would be welcomed obviously but there is concern about the scope. We have had speakers from other PDF sources.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this. The InDesign user website is definitely a bonus so we are encouraging people to sign up for the Acrobat one.