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December 10, 2005

Controlling formatting in a text field

Question: I want to be able to have multiple fonts in a single field. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes, of course. When you create a text field you indicate it can contain Rich Text.

Fields created with Acrobat: Create a Text Field. In the Text Field Properties dialog box, select “Allow Rich Text Formatting” from the Options tab.

Fields created with LiveCycle Designer: Create a Text Field Object. In the Object palette, uncheck “Allow Plain Text Only” in the Field Tab, and select Data Format – XHTML in the Binding Tab.

Once you’ve enabled this, your form field can contain a variety of formatting options, which are controlled by the Properties Bar in Acrobat/Reader.

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Adding parameters while linking to a PDF

As Mike Potter mentioned in his blog of November 24, parameters are available that you can add to a weblink to a PDF to pass Acrobat/Reader additional instructions. For example, if you have a multi-page PDF and you would like to have your user go directly to page 34 when the PDF is launched the URL could be Another example allows you to add search words to the URL:”bracket” will launch the search window in Acrobat/Reader and highlight all instances of the word bracket in the document.

For a description of all possible parameters, please see the Acrobat documentation.

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Trusting weblinks in Acrobat/Reader 7.0.5

If you have upgraded to Acrobat or Adobe Reader 7.0.5 you may have noticed if you ‘surf’ to a web address from within a PDF you will see a dialog box which requires you to select “Block” or “Allow”. I’ve been asked where this information is stored, and how can I manage the list.

Select Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager. Under the section Resource Access, select Change Site Settings. In the Managed Sites dialog box you can review and update current settings.

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