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December 10, 2005

Controlling formatting in a text field

Question: I want to be able to have multiple fonts in a single field. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes, of course. When you create a text field you indicate it can contain Rich Text.

Fields created with Acrobat: Create a Text Field. In the Text Field Properties dialog box, select “Allow Rich Text Formatting” from the Options tab.

Fields created with LiveCycle Designer: Create a Text Field Object. In the Object palette, uncheck “Allow Plain Text Only” in the Field Tab, and select Data Format – XHTML in the Binding Tab.

Once you’ve enabled this, your form field can contain a variety of formatting options, which are controlled by the Properties Bar in Acrobat/Reader.


  • By Heiner Bremer - 8:25 AM on February 24, 2006  


    i have a quetion regarding Acrobat Professional 6. Our customer is using a special font spacing for their letters. As we have to insert some dynamic text we use text-fields. The problem is how to set the font spacing property for text-fields. Can someone help please?