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February 8, 2006

A whole team of Acrobat ACEs

What’s an Adobe ACE? It is someone that has taken the Adobe Certification Exam for a specific product. Our Adobe Certified Instructors are all required to take this test, but what about other folks? Developers? Users?
I’ve just found out that one of our partners, EBridge Solutions, based in Nodia, India, had their entire Acrobat & Reader integration team certified on Acrobat. I’ve attached a
picture of the team with their ACE certificates. Congratulations!

ACE certification is required only for training instructors, but the team at EBridge wanted to have this certification under their belt to emphasize their commitment to Acrobat and PDF technology. If you have a team of Acrobat ACEs – let me know.


  • By Mary Robb - 12:44 PM on March 16, 2006  

    The entire Tech Support team is Seattle are now ACE Certified as well.

  • By ved prakash maurya - 1:20 AM on June 7, 2006  

    Hi I am ved from noida,It’s very exciting to get the ACE certification by the whole team of E-Bridge Solution, and I know personally all the people of E-bridge, they are very talented.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ved Prakash Maurya

  • By Rishi - 7:35 AM on March 31, 2007  

    Can anyone suggest us how we can get ACE certification, we are a SEO Experts as well as software development company in India

  • By Rishi - 7:39 AM on March 31, 2007  

    Any one suggest me how we can be acrobat certified expert, we are a software development copmany as well as SEO Experts.

  • By Iksanika - 3:01 AM on June 29, 2007  

    Greetings from Iksanika Software Company.

    Some of our web developers have already taken the Adobe Certification Exams, and became certified specialists. One must admit, that getting those certificates and letting the customer know that the company has Adobe certified developers -totally changes the customer’s attitude to the company and raises some certain trust! Which is a good thing, you know… good luck to all of you.


  • By Lori DeFurio - 9:30 AM on July 1, 2007  

    Iksanika – that is great news. I am very happy to hear that ACE certification is helping you grow your business. If you send pictures of your ACE team – I will post here.

  • By Affordable SEO - 8:17 PM on December 27, 2009  

    I have seen many certifications across the web, some on line where you have the answer right there in front of you “new tab” and can with ease pass the course….

    I found with adobe, this is not the case, and the results of their certification is an educated tech!

  • By Rhonda Bartolazzi - 8:23 PM on October 15, 2011  

    I’m trying to get certified, but can someone please call asap, to discuss which would be my best option? Thank you

    [[Hi – to become ACE certified on Acrobat X, here’s my recommendation: 1) review all the menus & help documentation for the product; 2) review the prep guide; 3) sign up for the exam at a center near you. Good Luck – lori ]]