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April 1, 2006

Acrobat 3D Workshop

Acrobat 3D, introduced in January, is the newest member of the Acrobat family. If you’re in North America and interested in taking a look at the product, please feel free to register for the tour starting next week.


  • By will pollard - 9:47 AM on April 6, 2006  

    This 3D stuff is fantastic of course, but it is sometimes forgotten that PDF started out from Postscript, designed for hard copy. At IPEX in Birmingham UK there is some promotion for the Adobe PDF Print Engine. This is relevant for print workflows.

    I can’t find anything about this on any Adobe blog. Also had a look for JDF. See screenshot

    I find this quite disturbing. Have Adobe staff gone online to the extent that actually print has been forgotten? Is the Adobe stand at IPEX a blip on a trend to fade out support for print?

    Any comment welcome.

  • By Lori DeFurio - 1:55 AM on April 7, 2006  

    Will – there is plenty of online information concerning the Adobe PDF Print Engine and print workflows.

    1. Please see my blog from today titled “Adobe PDF Print Engine introduced at IPEX”.

    2. There is a healthy dialog on this technology in the Adobe User-to-User Forums (InDesign forums) and on external mailing lists where Dov Isaacs of Adobe has been very active.

    IPEX is not a “blip” – it is the venue for the product annoucement. There are two full theatre sessions each day devoted to discussion of the Adobe PDF Print Engine and one session each day is dedicated to discussion of reliable PDF creation for print publishing workflows.

    Furthermore, at the AGI Acrobat and PDF Conference in DisneyWorld in May, Dov will be doing a two hour session in which this technology will be introduced/discussed in detail. Similarly, the same week, Dov will also be doing a full day session at the Creative Suite Conference on reliable PDF, printing, and will of course include full info on the Adobe PDF Print Engine.

  • By Will Pollard - 5:12 AM on April 7, 2006  


    Thanks for this. The current boost around PDF Print Engine is really welcome. I still think the print aspects of PDF are not given much priority but my thought now is to benefit from the current resource around PDF Print Engine.

    Will the presentations from IPEX and other events be available online? For example how to create JDF from Acrobat? I don’t think this feature was well promoted when Acrobat 7 was released. Even engineers sometimes need print so they may be interested in this possibility.

    I entirely agree that if anyone is near Birmingham anytime till Tuesday they should get to the NEC. There may even be a chance to meet Dov Isaacs and thank him in person for his online contributions over the years. I think I saw him on the first day but I’m not sure if he stayed for the duration.