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April 17, 2006

Create Adobe PDF Online – New Beta Service

I’m excited to announce we’ve added a new service to our online service for creating PDF files. It’s called Protect an Adobe PDF and is available as beta to all current paid subscribers of Create PDF Online. Behind the scenes we’re hosting a cluster of Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server and Security Server nodes. When you want to protect or revoke access to the PDF you are creating, the service will set the PDF security settings to match your policy. The settings can changed dynamically for all copies, even after you have distributed them. Feel free to experiment with the 5 pre-defined policies or create one of your own. The recipient of the PDF file will only need Acrobat or Adobe Reader 7 to access the file. Best bet – watch the video, read the FAQ and then try the service.


  • By Rob Gabbard - 11:43 AM on April 18, 2006  

    This is a natural extension to CreatePDF. Can we expect to see a similar extension for enabling usage rights with Reader Extensions ? And will the Protect capability be offered as a separate service to protect existing PDFs (i.e. separate from the conversion process) ?

  • By Marco Casario - 6:16 PM on April 18, 2006  

    Cooool !
    It’s a great service and very cheap.

  • By Lori DeFurio - 10:34 PM on April 19, 2006  

    Hi Rob –

    If you select the appropriate policy setting, you already have the rights to add commenting to a PDF document (this is similar to what you can achieve with Acrobat 7 Professional). As far as the rest of the extensions available for Adobe Reader, all I can say at the present time is that our plans are not finalized but it is under advisement.

    And, the answer is Yes – we will be offering a service to allow protection of PDFs created outside of the Create Adobe Online service. I do not have details at this time, but will update this blog when appropriate.

  • By stacie - 4:08 PM on April 20, 2006  

    How is this with Section 508?


  • By Lori DeFurio - 6:11 PM on April 20, 2006  

    A PDF file that is Section 508 compliant — that is, is a tagged PDF file, will remain a tagged PDF file after security is applied.

    Also to note – if you use Adobe CreatePDF Online service to create a PDF, you do have the option of selecting Enable Tagged PDF Generation which will add information required for Section 508 compliance.

  • By Michael Jahn - 12:20 PM on April 26, 2006  

    Hi Lori,

    thanks for being here on your blog and all that, but could you point me to a better explination as to what “Protect an Adobe PDF” is all about – are they suddenly an endangers species ?

  • By Lori DeFurio - 10:05 PM on April 27, 2006  

    Hi Michael – in the original post I pointed to a video and FAQ which outline what this service offers.

    However, I’m happy to explain it in a different context.

    Many content creators want to ensure that their PDFs are secured to control who and how these documents are accessed and utilized. Currently, the author/distributor must purchase expensive software or maintain a server.

    This new offering allows the user to control access to their PDF documents via a hosted service. No server. No additional software.

    And… the best feature (in my opinion) is that you can revoke permissions at any time – instantaneously.