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May 13, 2006

Announcement: Breeze Best Practices eSeminar Series

I’m very excited to announce the start of a Breeze Best Practices series. This eSeminar series, which will being on Tuesday, May 23rd, is designed to help Breeze users and IT administrators get up to speed quickly on a variety of topics.
First up – Best Practices for Using Curriculums in Breeze Training, which will be delivered by Randah McKinnie.

Please see for complete details and to sign up for the sessions.

And, of course, if you miss one, they will be archived as OnDemand seminars.


  • By Gabriel Tamiasso - 4:39 PM on June 30, 2006  

    Hello Mr. DeFurio.

    My name’s Gabriel Tamiasso, editor and journalist of iMasters (, the main TI brazilian site, and I’m here to invite you to grant us a brilliant interview, focused in Adobe Technologies.

    Here in Brazil, we’ve received many requests for a larger view over Adobe’s new features and we had your name indicated as a good reference. The interview will be published with free access at our website and also quoted by many other sites all over the country.

    We’ll send you a 10 questions file, in English, and you may answer it total freely. When we receive it, we’ll release it in English and Portuguese (translated by ourselves).

    Thanks for your attention. Hoping for a positive reply, I’ll be waiting for your return so we may start our interview.

    Yours truly,

    Gabriel Tamiasso
    55 27 33157242
    Journalist, iMasters