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May 2, 2006

Learn more about Adobe LiveCycle 7.1

Mike Potter has mentioned this seminar in his blog– but I wanted to ensure the Acrobat community was equally aware of this virtual meeting (using Breeze) to outline the 7.1 changes.

The session will start at 12:00 Noon ET tomorrow and last between 60 and 90 minutes. URL: If you are unable to attend live, we will be creating a recording of the session as well.


  • By Marco Casario - 7:43 AM on May 3, 2006  

    I’ll publish also in my blog 🙂 so italian community was aware too.

  • By Nicole Sell - 11:24 PM on May 4, 2006  

    When and where will the Breeze session be available?


  • By Lori DeFurio - 5:14 AM on May 12, 2006  

    The recording has been posted:

  • By Maryanne - 1:53 PM on May 31, 2006  

    Lori, the Adobe LiveCycle 7.1 recording requires a username and password? What should we use? Thanks!