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August 22, 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT: Update to Acrobat 3D

I’m happy to announce that we have just posted an update to Adobe Acrobat 3D. This free update includes several Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) that provide support for more recent versions of CAD file formats for Adobe Acrobat 3D and the 3D Toolkit. I’ll let you review the list of new and updated file formats at the update site, but needless to say, most of the filters have been updated to include the latest versions of popular CAD packages.

And if you don’t have Acrobat 3D and want to try it – please visit the trial download page. Note: after you install the trial you will need to add the patch mentioned above to ensure you have the updated filters. Also, if you want more information on Acrobat 3D you can visit the Acrobat 3D Corner on

Oh, and one last thing – we recently posted a whitepaper published by Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA) which discusses how “Acrobat 3D (and Adobe Reader) for communication and collaboration of 3D product information will reshape the existing product development processes across the entire product lifecycle.” (clearly not my words!)

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August 8, 2006

Announcement: Sync SWF Contest

I’m happy to announce a new contest for our Adobe developer community. This contest is for Sync SWF – the very cool SDK for Breeze Meeting. This is an excellent opportunity for Flash developers to build collaborative Flash applications offering an entirely new channel where the Flash development community can profit from — the rapidly growing number of Breeze customers. So what is a “collaborative Flash application” – well, basically with a Sync SWF application, when someone in the meeting room changes something in the Flash app, everyone else in the meeting room can see what they have changed in real time. All meeting participants are synced up with the state of the Flash application.

Using the new Breeze Exchange, a developer can post and charge for custom Flash applications that Breeze end users can download and use in their everyday jobs. To celebrate this exciting news we are running a contest in which four (4) $5,000USD prizes will be awarded.

Please see for full contest details.

Although – the webpages don’t say this yet…. We will be announcing the winners at Adobe MAX in October.

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