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August 22, 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT: Update to Acrobat 3D

I’m happy to announce that we have just posted an update to Adobe Acrobat 3D. This free update includes several Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) that provide support for more recent versions of CAD file formats for Adobe Acrobat 3D and the 3D Toolkit. I’ll let you review the list of new and updated file formats at the update site, but needless to say, most of the filters have been updated to include the latest versions of popular CAD packages.

And if you don’t have Acrobat 3D and want to try it – please visit the trial download page. Note: after you install the trial you will need to add the patch mentioned above to ensure you have the updated filters. Also, if you want more information on Acrobat 3D you can visit the Acrobat 3D Corner on

Oh, and one last thing – we recently posted a whitepaper published by Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA) which discusses how “Acrobat 3D (and Adobe Reader) for communication and collaboration of 3D product information will reshape the existing product development processes across the entire product lifecycle.” (clearly not my words!)


  • By William Overington - 6:36 AM on August 26, 2006  

    I am learning about Acrobat 3D, by reading web pages and pdfs which are in the Adobe webspace and by trying the examples in such pdfs as 3d_pdf_demo.pdf and milo.pdf using Adobe Reader version 7.08.

    Thus far, all of the pdfs which I have tried have had the security setting that commenting is not allowed. This is entirely reasonable given the purpose of those pdfs.

    I am wondering if you have already available, or could produce using Acrobat 3D please, a pdf which has 3D content with the security setting that commenting is allowed so that people learning about Acrobat 3D can experience adding comments to a 3D model in a pdf using Adobe Reader and then saving the modified pdf.

    Recognizing that perhaps intellectual property issues could arise if some existing models were used for this, maybe something like an abstract 3D scene with, say, a red cube, a yellow cube and a blue cube could be produced such that people could then add comments such as suggesting that, say, the red cube might look better in orange and that the blue cube might be larger, or whatever.

    This would, I feel, for me at least, provide good learning experience.

    I am wondering quite how the commenting feature would work. What happens about font choice and text size? Does the author of the pdf have to embed a whole font in the pdf rather than just the subset which is normally use when producing a pdf so that someone making comments using Adobe Reader has a complete alphabet and a complete set of digits and punctuation available?

    Also, in relation to Acrobat 3D, is there a manual in pdf format for Acrobat 3D which is supplied with the product? If so, is it available for download in the Adobe webspace please?

    William Overington

    26 August 2006