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September 18, 2006

Acrobat 8 in the UK

My first post on Acrobat 8 focused on our North American activities. I also want to point out there are activities going on around the world for users to get a closer look at the newest version. For our users in the UK – there is a very exciting tour starting October 17th in London (Regents Park) and moving to Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Manchester. This event will allow users to experience Acrobat 8 via a hands-on workshop.

I’ll post more world-wide activities later in the day.


  • By Will Pollard - 6:54 AM on September 23, 2006  

    Objections, don’t you just love them?

    Following the presentation on Acrobat 8 I am gradually getting my head round the Flash aspects. I have written a couple of postings in my blog at

    The IPEX reference is a giveaway that I am from a print background with design ideas around a fixed page. So PDF is ok, but Flash takes some getting used to.

    My impression so far is that Breeze is now getting a big plug on the Acrobat menu, rather like Yahoo in Reader. But I can’t see where the integration comes in. On Breeze first. With previous Adobe presentations I could save a PDF of slides and refer later or copy extracts. Flash video has just gone. Also the chat seems to have gone unless posted later. I think combinations of PDF and text are actually more engaging. On PDF there seems to be no advance in containing Flash or Quicktime. Web capture with Flash seems a bit unstable. Maybe it is just me but it needs to be reloaded sometimes. Did I miss it or is there no news on this?

    Print seems to have gone as a concern. Where is the detail on JDF? Have a look at a recent article in Image Reports, a UK mag close to digital printing.

    Notice that Quark Job Jackets are mentioned but not the JDF creation in Acrobat. In my opinion this is because Adobe never explain this. Well, maybe every couple of years at IPEX or drupa.

    Outside California hard copy is still a concern for many people. If there are new features in 8 relating to print, where can info be found?

  • By peter hurley - 5:57 AM on October 4, 2006  

    Hi Lori

    Have any dates for the Acrobat 8 show in Birmingham UK ?.

    Indivdual Bust

  • By Lori DeFurio - 11:25 AM on October 4, 2006  

    Peter – the dates for Birmingham are October 31, November 1, and November 2.