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June 13, 2007

Font Packs to use with Acrobat or Reader 8

If you’re having trouble finding the Asian Font Packs and/or the European Extended Font Pack for Acrobat/Reader 8 on – not to worry. They’re on our FTP site now as MSI files, and will be posted on later this summer as full installers (similar to Acrobat 7).
The Eastern European Font Pack includes Thai, Hebrew, and Arabic.
The Asian fonts – Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean are each in their own MSI file.

Please note: with these MSI files – you must copy the MSI installer to an empty directory and then run the installer from that directory. We’ve seen problems if there are other files in the directory. This is only an issue with the MSI files – this will not be a problem when we get the files posted on as full installers.

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June 5, 2007

ANNOUNCEMENT: Acrobat 8.1 available today

As of today, an update to Acrobat 8, upgrading Acrobat 8 to Acrobat 8.1 (Professional & Standard) is available via Adobe Updater (in Acrobat). A download on will be available later this month (I’ll update you when it is live)

The 8.1 release works with Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Vista. Both PDF as a file format and Acrobat as an application are now “first class” citizens in these environments.

In Office 2007 – we are conforming to the new ribbon UI and are fully integrated. (Figure 1)


Figure 1. Acrobat Ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007

In MSFT Vista – PDF will preview similar to other supported file formats, and of course, you can create PDF by simply right clicking on supported file formats (Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc.) (Figure 2)


Figure 2. Right-click on any supported application in Microsoft Vista to create Adobe PDF.

My favorite integration with Office 2007 is with Outlook 2007. Now, when you open an email message in preview mode that has a PDF attachment – you see the PDF in the preview pane. You can view full page, or page width, and even navigate multi-page files. (Figure 3)


Figure 3. PDF Preview in Outlook 2007.

Also – at the request of our customer base, we’re supporting 64-bit Citrix and Windows environments. Acrobat is still a 32-bit application, but for folks running 64-bit Citrix environments, or who load Acrobat on a 64-bit Windows system, Acrobat will work as advertised.

For additional information, I recommend you review and for articles and tips from our contributors on the updates in Acrobat 8.1.

Adobe Reader 8.1 is also available today.

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