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September 20, 2007

Supported PDF functionality – Mac OS 10.4

I’m always being asked — how does the implementation of PDF on my Mac compare to what Adobe offers in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. So, I went to PDF guru, Leonard Rosenthol , and he prepared a chart, which I then jazzed up using InDesign to create layers and added interactive buttons in Acrobat to allow you to select different views of the document to see what Apple can Read/Write, Read Only, or have Partially Implemented on the Mac platform (OS 10.4/Tiger). And I’ve outlined what is not supported at all

      Figure 1. Default view                              Figure 2. All white items are unsupported

As background information – the PDF Specification – version 1.x through 1.7 – has been published by Adobe and made freely available on our website. Vendors choose to implement features/functionality as it makes sense for their use.

And of course… if there is an error in this chart, please let me know.


  • By Tony Harmer - 6:03 AM on October 3, 2007  

    Hey Lori – this is a terrificly useful resource – thanks!

  • By Anne-Marie - 8:20 PM on October 20, 2007  

    Excellent resource.

    Though … my stupid Firefox automatically opens PDFs in Mac’s Preview (though the Finder opens them in Acro).

    So right after it downloaded, it opened in Preview and I’m like … hmmm … these buttons aren’t working … LOL.

  • By Anne-Marie - 10:14 AM on November 30, 2007  

    Hey Lori, any plans on updating this for Leopard?

  • By Werbeagentur - 9:10 AM on January 26, 2008  

    Thanks Lori for the pfd_reference… Usefully 🙂

  • By Werbeagentur - 6:43 AM on January 29, 2008  

    Hi Lori,

    Many thanks for the great informations and for sharing the document.

    Many thanks from Germany,