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June 23, 2008

Reminder — Acrobat 9 eSeminar

I will be presenting Redefine the Way You Communicate, a one-hour eSeminar on Thursday, June 26th at 9:00 am Pacific and will repeat the content again at 12:00 noon Pacific. If you’re not based in the Pacific time zone, you can visit to do a time zone conversion.

The topic will be Acrobat 9 — how can Acrobat and PDF help you be more productive in your day-to-day tasks. I will cover quite a range of topics including Acrobat’s built-in workflows for collecting feedback — either feedback in a fillable PDF form, or feedback on documents as part of a review.

As you may have heard, or read earlier, we’ve added Adobe Flash to Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9, so I will review how you can use Adobe Flash to punch up presentations, create PDF Portfolios to deliver your information, and embed multimedia in your documents to help your reader understand exactly what you’re trying to convey.

And, as a final treat… I will go over improvements for creating PDF documents — from web pages, from your clipboard, or by scanning paper to PDF.

Hope you can make it!

Click here to register/attend.


  • By Andy Vosburgh - 9:51 PM on June 26, 2008  

    Hi Lori!
    I enjoyed your Acrobat 9 seminar today! Great job!
    I have a question I’m hoping you can help me with:

    If I have a PDF document where someone has used the Text Edits tool to Insert Text, or Replace Text, how can I print that document and get the new text to showup on that hard copy output?

    All I seem to ever get is the strikethrough over the old text and/or a carat indicating the insertion point.

    Andy Vosburgh
    Executive VP Technology

    [[You can show the comments, but Acrobat will not insert that text into the actual content of the PDF document; that will have to be done manually either using Text TouchUp Tool or going back to the source document – lori]]

  • By Bob Pinaha - 9:50 PM on June 30, 2008  

    Hi, Lori!

    I was telling my supervisor about your Online Seminar that I attended, “Redefine The Way You Communicate.” Both he, and the head of our IT department are interested in viewing it. Has it been posted yet?

    Thank you!

    [[Thanks Andy — the OnDemand version is now live (you’ll need to login in with your registration ID) and here’s a copy of the slides I presented.