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July 1, 2008

PDF Widget on

Many times I’ve seen a link to a PDF document and thought that maybe it contained the information I needed but I didn’t want to wait for the download, or worse yet… I wait for the download and then the file isn’t what I really wanted.

One of the cool new features of (Adobe’s new free hosted services — currently in public beta) allows you to embed a widget directly in your HTML page (like I’ve done below) – to allow you to view the PDF content — inline — in the HTML page before deciding if you want to download it. For example, this file is now 10 MB after I attached the exercise files to the PDF document for convenience.

(Please note: you’ll need Adobe Flash Player installed to view this content)

How do you do this yourself?

  1. Login to If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry. It’s free – and you just click Sign Up to get started.
  2. Upload the file you want to make available in your HTML page.
  3. Select Copy Embed Code from the details pod (Figure 1) or if you are looking at all of your files (figure 2)
    just click on the arrow to the right of the file name and select Copy Embed Code from the dropdown.

    Figure 1. Document is open
    Figure 2. Viewing all documents
  4. Place the copied link into your html page, similar to this example:

<html><title>Demonstration of using PDF Widget in a Web Page</title>
<body><p>The following is a preview of PDF content hosted on</p>
<p><object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="
shockwave/cabs/flash/,0,115,0" width="365" height="500"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="high" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"/> <param name="flashvars" value="ext=pdf&docId=1826d5f7-ab86-4350-9590-d55c7a18f1c5"/> <embed src="" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="365" height="500" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true" flashvars="ext=pdf&docId=1826d5f7-ab86-4350-9590-d55c7a18f1c5"> </embed> </object>
<p>Really cool, right?</p>

And my HTML page looks like this

Figure 3. HTML Example displayed in Safari browser.

Now I can flip through the file, and determine if it is indeed the information I wanted, and then select Download or Share from the menu, and I’m directed to

Notice here in Figure 4 that I’m prompted to download (vs. preview) due to the fact that here is additional functionality in this PDF supported on in Acrobat and Reader — that is basically the fact that I’ve attached the exercise files to the PDF document as an attachment.

Figure 4. Message appears when viewing in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader delivers the best experience.



  • By Jeremy - 8:51 AM on July 2, 2008  

    This is very cool. Is there a way to do this without uploading the file to, perhaps with LiveCycle ES or some AS3 scripting or even some CF8 PDF manipulation? I could really use this functionality on our corporate portal, but I can’t go posting the PDF files out on another system outside the network.

    [[Engineering says : We don’t currently support this capability outside of In order to embed the document into a webpage it needs to be hosted on – lori ]]

  • By Filipe Martins - 5:08 PM on July 22, 2008  


    > PDF Widget on

    This PDF Widget on is really cool. Awesome.
    It is great being able to present the PDF on screen, even in fullscreen mode.

    I have two questions regarding it.
    When I click on “Menu” I get two entries:

    – Download or Share
    – About

    Can I opt out and block the “Download or Share” entry?
    When I click on the fullscreen icon at the top right-hand corner, it tells me:

    “You must have Adobe Flash Player version 9,0,115,0 or later.”
    Well, so far so good, but I am using Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta 2.

    According to:

    it is version 10,0,0,536, so it should qualify. I downloaded this public Flash Beta from Adobe Labs:

    It appears to be a bug and I thought you might want to know about this so that the Flash Player team can fix it. Thank you so much!

    Filipe Martins
    McKinley Denali Inc.

    [[ Thank you for your feedback.

    1) Currently the user cannot opt out and block the Download or Share Entry. I have heard this request from other users as well. Additionally, I’ve been asked to support the ability to be able to embed a file and only allow the users to view the document online and not allow them to download the document. This functionality is not currently supported.

    2) does not yet support Flash Player 10. We will be supporting this version (Flash Player 10) by the time it is released.

    The behavior you’ve identified has been escalated to our engineering team who will evaluate whether this is in fact a bug — and if so… if it is part of or in the pre-release Flash Player 10. ]]

  • By bernice bowers - 6:28 PM on August 19, 2008  

    I cannot download Adobe Flash Player. I go in and go through the download process andit says successfully downloaded but it isn’t there and when I attempt to play something with it, it once again prompts me to download Adobe Flash Player.

  • By bernice bowers - 6:29 PM on August 19, 2008  

    I cannot download Adobe Flash Player. I go in and go through the download process andit says successfully downloaded but it isn’t there and when I attempt to play something with it, it once again prompts me to download Adobe Flash Player.

    [[Try uninstall using this KB:

  • By Gary Roberts - 4:47 PM on August 20, 2008  

    I agree with Jeremy. This would be an invaluable tool for my workplace, which, unfortunately, is a secured research facility. Our central Archives would greatly benefit from the ability to deploy this widget from within our intranet. But only if we could host the full service securely. Adobe Engineers: you have a great product here! Please consider a Secure Enterprise level version.


  • By Gary Roberts - 4:58 PM on August 20, 2008  

    And I forgot to ask: Would PDF features such as security, watermarks or low quality only print restrictions affect usage with this Widget?

    [[If the file is protected in any way (including print-only restrictions), the content is encrypted and the previewer will not be able to display it. Users will need to download and view in Reader/Acrobat instead.]]

  • By David Lohr - 11:05 AM on August 26, 2008  

    Awesome widget, but I am in the same boat as the other guys – its useless to me if I can’t keep company documents on our own server.

  • By brom - 9:09 PM on December 18, 2008  

    I’d like to offer another vote for server independant versioning of this great tool, come on adobe, when u guy’s killed flashpaper I thought it was a bad move and gave silverlight a genuine unique selling point, the pdf widget could stop this silverlight opportunity dead in it’s tracks but for big firms it has to be internally hosted, hell thats why docstar and google docs isnt getting corporate traction.

  • By Dimitris - 11:00 AM on February 2, 2009  

    When will Adobe get the point???
    You had a great product in your hands with FlashPaper when you bought Macromedia, why on earth did you have to go and kill it???
    People need to host documents on their own servers, they need to embed those documents in webpages, and they need to have an API to interact with the content of these documents.
    How thick do you have to be to get this? Neither nor iscribd’s ipaper will cut it, nobody wants to host sensitive documents on foreign servers no matter what guarantees are given for security.
    And I don’t want to use buzzword or any other idea of yours for collaborating online on documents, I want to have my own database and be able to define the kind of interaction I want to give to my users.

    GET IT NOW???!!!

    [[Thank you very much for your comments and feedback. Currently allows you to upload content and embed the documents in external web pages. However we do understand your concerns about sensitivity of the document. We will consider your request and look into the feasibility of providing similar functionality as the one provided on for deploying within your company’s firewall.

    Additionally, we would also appreciate some feedback about your specific scenario to help us understand/address your use-case(s). Can you please let us know what types of documents you want to host on your servers? Who is the audience for these documents? How do the audience know the location of the documents and/or how do they find them? Currently you can host PDF documents on your server and link them from any web page, when users try to open the document, by clicking on the link, the Adobe Reader browser plug-in will automatically launch and users can read the document without having the first download the document. These PDFs will also be searchable/indexable by any internal search engine that you may have and allow users to easily find documents. What do you think is missing from the above scenario which requires you to embed the document to your internal web pages?

    The best way to get this feedback into the team is to send the information about your use case(s) to either respond here, or –lori]]

  • By Russ - 11:05 AM on February 2, 2009  

    after going to full screen and adjusting the size of the pdf view, when I go back to the widget size, the pdf no longer shows up. It is still there when I go back to full screen, but not visible in the small view. I noticed the first time I go to full screen, the pdf is of to the left, and when I change the size, it centers.

    [[what version of flash player are you using? I’ve been told this is a bug in Flash Player 9.x. if you upgrade to Flash Player 10 this issue will be resolved — lori ]]

  • By Shelley - 3:23 PM on November 21, 2009  

    Acrobat just totally changed and we lost our data. It only took one day but we are willing to work with the new one. We are unable to embed the code though. When we try we get error messages

    [[Shelly, I’m sure by now you realize you didn’t lose all your data, it was just getting migrated from one system to the other. However, the way to embed the PDF widget has changed slightly and I’ve updated this page to reflect the new instructions. Please let me know if you continue to have problems — lori ]]

  • By Trevin - 11:50 AM on June 16, 2011  

    Did Acrobat remove this capability? I do not see where I can embed my pdf.

    [[Hi Trevin – The file must be “Published” first, then you get the option to “copy embed code” for use in your web page. Here’s the instructions if you haven’t published yet:
    Select the file
    Select “Share File”
    Select “Publish”
    Click the “Publish” Button in the dialog. You will immediately see the “copy embed code” option at the bottom of the UI.
    If you’ve already “Published” simply roll over the “Publish” icon at the bottom of the UI and select “copy embed code”. Only published files will give you this option since it doesn’t require being logged in. — lori]]