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February 26, 2009

Volume Licensing for Acrobat

I’m happy to say that Adobe has launched a new page today — entitled Volume Licensing programs for Adobe Acrobat software.

This page compares and contrasts the savings and benefits under the TLP (Transactional Licensing) with CLP (Cumulative Licensing) volume license programs; has links to detailed information and a link to subscribe to the Acrobat IT Tips and Tricks Newsletter.

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Protecting Planet Earth – one PDF document at a time…

A new white paper featuring Adobe Acrobat has been published outlining how organizations have moved from paper to electronic, with PDF as the core — to reduce their carbon footprint on Planet Earth.
For example, Bureau Veritas, a global engineering consulting firm, estimates that by eliminating paper and reducing work hours, they saved approximately 50 trees and 22,000 gallons of potable water on a typical power plant project.

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February 3, 2009

Announcement: 2 for 2 — Acrobat Wins “New Product of the Year” from Law Technology News

Monday night, Law Technology News held their annual awards, and (drum roll please)… Acrobat won again for the category “New Product of the Year”. I’m excited about this honor, and the reaffirmation that Acrobat is the best product on the market for legal professionals. Rick Borstein hosts a great blog for legal professionals with tips, tricks, podcasts and demos to enable you to discover all that Acrobat can offer.

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